Wells Fargo sues to collect from Fergusons


A second bank claims the Fergusons lied about their wealth to get loans, and has sued to recover debts it doesn’t want tossed out in bankruptcy.

Rug business cleans up

A local developer and a Northern Virginia rug cleaning company purchases the business interests and commercial real estate of a prominent bankrupt Richmond couple at auction. And already one developer is planning to put in apartments in Oregon Hill.

Hirschler Fleischer swings back at fraud suit

A Richmond law firm that has been dragged into a bankruptcy suit tied to a Ponzi scheme says the plaintiff is just trying to collect money from everyone and their mother.

Nothing’s set in stone

A New Kent County development that was threatened with foreclosure filed last week for bankruptcy, but the man behind the $30 million village isn’t throwing in the towel just yet.

Fergusons' bankrupt businesses to be sold

The business interests and commercial real estate holdings of two bankrupt Richmond socialites will be auctioned off in the coming months.

Bank alleges high-dollar deception

A Richmond bank claims it was duped by a prominent –now bankrupt – local couple with deep ties to the business community and the charitable scene.

Broken bonds

A rural county near Charlottesville is suing a Richmond financial firm it worked with for more than 15 years.

Va. firm under investigation

The State Corporation Commission opened an inquiry into the Tetra Companies, a defunct real estate investment group based in Virginia Beach.