Large round of layoffs at the T-D

The Times-Dispatch told 28 editorial staffers and31 non-newsroom employees Thursday that they were no longer needed and could leave immediately. Several of the laid-off workers had decades of experience, which likely means their salaries were higher than the younger reporters and might be one reason they were cut.

TV crew coming to Richmond to film pilot

Richmond just got cast as a stand-in for Washington, D.C. A pilot for the CW network will start filming in Richmond next week with camera crews shooting around Capitol Square and the Fan. The pilot, which is being produced by CBS Paramount, started prepping a few weeks ago and plans to finish filming by the… Read more »

So long,

Media General’s fling with the domain name is coming to an end. The company plans to phase out and re-brand with a similar format, according to information Media General provides to potential advertisers.  Media General owns the Times-Dispatch.

Is it me, or are there a ton of marketing firms in this town?

We’ve been reporting a lot lately on marketing firms that seem to be sprouting up left and right. (Click here and here.) We’ve received several more news releases about others and haven’t had time to learn about their stories. But the timing seems indirectly correlated with demand, and that could pose trouble for the new… Read more »

What’s the deal with that radio ad?

The RBS Ad Report Card: Certain voices are instantly recognizable. Think Bob Dylan, James Earl Jones and John O’Hurley. That last guy isn’t particularly famous, but his voice is. He played the catalog honcho J. Peterman on Seinfeld. Perhaps you’ve also heard him on local radio station 98.9 Liberty, spouting 5-second tidbits about Richmond and… Read more »

Former Martin Branding partner launches own firm

Local marketing consultant Jake Crocker has left Martin Branding Worldwide to start his own firm, Crocker Strategic Marketing. Crocker was a partner and director of brand marketing at Martin Branding. He left in December and decided to go into the new year with a new beginning as his own boss.

Former Wachovia Securities workers open consulting firm

The trend continues: Two more Wachovia-ers have started their own business. Deanna Lorianni and Meghan Codd are the founders and sole employees of Zuula Consulting, a copywriting firm that offers a broad range of services and specializes in financial writing, ghostwriting and promotional materials. They opened in July, a few days after their last day… Read more »

Bracing for the ad pullback

It comes as no surprise that local marketing firms and sole practitioners are bracing for a slowdown, and the outlook will probably get worse as state and local nonprofits slash 2009 budgets amid declining revenue.