An ad firm for the little guy

Create04 is targeting small and mid-sized Virginia businesses and has landed eight clients.

Newspapers advertise for advertising in newspapers

The Virginia Press Association is braced for its annual fight with Del. Steve Landes over a bill to free up localities from having to advertise public notices in newspapers.

All in the family name

Two brothers who have spent decades in the marketing business are using their rebranding tricks on their own firm.

Big River gets bigger

A local advertising agency is busting through the wall of its current digs to make room for more workers.

Free Agents commit to Hampton Roads

The firm, which handles public relations, advertising, marketing and event management, recently opened its second office.

Tell them you mean business!

You’ve seen the commercial. Robert Vaughn comes on the screen, urging consumers to tell those insurance adjusters that “You mean business,” and to call the law offices of Marks & Harrison…“Right now.” The commercial is for Richmond-based law firm Marks & Harrison. Well, sort of.