Pumping up the growth

New health clubs continue opening in Richmond, catering to an increasingly fragmented health/sports market. In June, American Family Fitness opened a 90,000-sf club at Short Pump. The local company has seven locations which cater – as the name suggests – to the suburban family crowd. Volume at American Family Fitness clubs (not including the one… Read more »

A sign of the tee times

Without sponsors, the show cannot go on. Organizers of the Henrico Open, a professional golf tournament for players one cut below the PGA Tour, spent a year of looking for sponsors and turned up zilch. ”We called on every public and private organization we could think of, and brought the opportunity to their attention,” said… Read more »

Locked and loaded (with a staple gun and flyers)

While waiting for my coffee one morning at the Starbucks in the Fan, I noticed a bulletin board on the wall with a handful of posters and flyers hung up for different events. A few rough drafts later BizSense had an 8×10 pull-tab flyer (you know, the ones where you tear the little piece of… Read more »

Open the press release floodgates

You’re about to read a sentence no newspaper/magazine has ever written. Please send us your press releases. That’s not a typo. We’re not off our meds. We just launched a local PR Newswire. Now Richmond businesses can post news about themselves on the BizSense’s Rich Wire. Big companies already pay to run their press releases… Read more »

The business media can build, and it can destroy

The media sword can cut both ways. In May I wrote about how Richmond-based job board owes much of its success to its media strategy, and the mainstream media that made such a strategy possible. The company positioned founder and President Sean Boyer as an expert on hourly jobs (wouldn’t an expert on hourly… Read more »

FBI nabs Virginia movie uploader

A Virginia man is facing 10 years in prison for posting movies online. His website once released the latest Star Wars movie six hours before it hit theaters nationwide. Investigations by the FBI, including the field office in Richmond, VA, have led to the conviction of Daniel Dove, 26, on counts of conspiracy and felony… Read more »

Roll the cameras: Fox 35 killing cats

Talk about a cat fight. When local TV station WRLH Fox 35 hired an exterminator to kill feral cats in a back lot of its building, the local SPCA got wind and unleashed a save-the-kittens firestorm. Now the station is dealing with a far larger problem than a few alley cats: a PR snafu that… Read more »