Monday Q&A: Building an empire one oat at a time

Zaydie’s isn’t a household name – yet. But if Janice and Shelley Freed have their way, it soon will be. The mother and daughter are co-owners of Zaydie’s Granola, which they make in their western Henrico County home and distribute to gourmet and health food stores in the Richmond area and throughout the state. You… Read more »

Monday Q&A: From the farm back to finance

Todd Newton spent the past 18 months growing soybeans in Alabama. Now the North Carolina native is back in a suit and tie in the corner office of Anderson Strudwick. His job is to help turn around one of the last remaining independent financial services firm in Richmond. This week BizSense chats with Newton about his new role and his goal of growing the firm.

Monday Q&A: Get out of jail (not for) free

We’ve covered lots of former Circuit City employees as they venture off into the world of entrepreneurship. But it’s going to be hard to top the copy writer-turned-bail-bondsman we chatted with for this week’s Q&A.

Monday Q&A: A new lease on business

When a business says it’s looking to the General Assembly for potential business, that usually means a piece of legislation that could give an industry a boost. But Slayton Dabney caters to the legislators themselves, finding them furnished digs in downtown Richmond while the General Assembly is in session.

Monday Q&A: Time to advertise happy hour?

A new Republican governor in Virginia could mean new opportunities for businesses in the Commonwealth. Perhaps no enterprise has more to gain than independent liquor stores, should ABC be disbanded. And more flexible rules will finally let pubs advertise their happy hour specials on a placard or sign outside their establishments. This week, BizSense chats with Tom Lisk, a veteran attorney who lobbies for the restaurant and hospitality industries.

Monday Q&A What you need to know about employment law

With the economy in on its head, so are many relationships between employees and employers. Disagreements over severance, claims of discrimination, and theft of intellectual property are among the many employment law disputes that are increasingly common in courts of law today. BizSense sat down with employment attorney Douglas Burtch, who recently joined downtown lawfirm… Read more »