Monday Q&A: Meet the man who saved the fair


Mark Lovell, the proud new owner of the State Fair of Virginia, talks about the vice he indulged after his big purchase and some of the obstacles his new enterprise faces. (Hint: If you think your yard is hard to mow …)

Monday Q&A: Less motel, more mission


College kids on gap years, backpackers and sojourners on a budget will soon have a place to rest their head in downtown Richmond.

Monday Q&A: Draw on your heritage


A new Fan restaurant’s triple-threat management team will include a Richmond chef who brings plenty of experience and some family history to the table.

Monday Q&A: Uptown guy


Mark it, dude: Steve Uphoff’s $21 million bowling and entertainment complex is on track to open in November.

Monday Q&A: Heavy on the Q


It seems like a new barbecue joint is popping up every time you turn around, but one restaurateur is still bullish on the pig.

Monday Q&A: The prognosis is good

linda nash pic

It’s been almost a year since the investment arm of Markel Corp. acquired PartnerMD, and the locally based concierge medical firm has expansion in its sights.

Monday Q&A: Best. Year. Ever.

Sabra groundbreaking

Chesterfield Economic Development Director Will Davis describes the county’s wildly successful fiscal 2012.