Monday Q&A: Is the pet industry really recession-proof?

Thousands of pet stores around the country, including several around Richmond, have one thing in common. They order their inventory of toys, leashes, collars and accessories from

Remodeling Carytown

Carytown is getting a face lift. You might not have noticed yet, because most of the work is still to come. But by summer, streetscape improvements should be quite noticeable, said Bob Broomfield, president of the Carytown Merchants Association. Broomfield is owner of the Play N Trade video game store. In September, the city paved… Read more »

Home and garden shows join forces during slow economy

This weekend’s Maymont Flower & Garden Show is an anticipated mid-winter event in Richmond, signaling that spring is on its way. This year’s show at the Greater Richmond Convention Center is combined with the MAC Events Home Show, giving attendees an opportunity to find items for inside the house, as well as out. While it’s… Read more »

State receives $24 million for digital records

When Secretary of Health and Human Services Dr. Bill Hazel’s mother had her gallbladder removed she saw 13 doctors before having the operation. Each one required new forms, and each one required a new test. Over the next few years, as Virginia physicians adopt electronic health record systems, medical inefficiency may become a thing of… Read more »

Sequel coming soon to East End Theater

The place was once frequented by the likes of Humphrey Bogart, John Wayne and Bette Davis. But that was so long ago. Sterling Bilder Developers purchased the property Jan. 7 for $45,000. The company recently developed the Sterling Row Condominiums in Shockoe Bottom.

‘Amazon’ bill headed to the House

Amazon has a history of avoiding state sales taxes, and Virginia’s online
sales tax bill is something they’ve seen before. The retail behemoth has
avoided paying a sales tax in four states where it had an affiliate program,
and has tied up another state’s law in court for nearly two years.

Business Licenses 2.18.10

Best new name this week: Trees to Please and Love Delivery Service. Also Martin’s looks like they are getting most of their business licenses in order for the Ukrop’s takeover.