Diners become do-gooders

For a few dozen local establishments, Restaurant Week is a chance to get new customers in the door and hopefully please their taste buds enough to get them to return.

You know you’ve made it when …

This year, on the 25th anniversary of the founding of the Venture Forum, they looked back at some of the most successful businesses and visionaries of the last quarter century.

Printer couldn’t hold out for recovery

A West-end printer of signs and displays closed earlier this month. The rent for specialized equipment became too much of an expense as the recession dragged on.

Behold: BizSense Pro

Despite the conventional wisdom that online readers are not willing to pay for news, we have launched a premium section of our site for subscribers.

The R&D Dept. New patents for 10.27.10

A new cooking device for the kitchen and a new dog harness from Premier Pet Products. Plus lots of technical patents related to cigarettes and fire-retardant clothing.

A lack of forward progress

A $6 million investment that a Richmond private equity fund made in a Florida bank has gone up in smoke.