Printer couldn’t hold out for recovery

A West-end printer of signs and displays closed earlier this month. The rent for specialized equipment became too much of an expense as the recession dragged on.

Behold: BizSense Pro

Despite the conventional wisdom that online readers are not willing to pay for news, we have launched a premium section of our site for subscribers.

The R&D Dept. New patents for 10.27.10

A new cooking device for the kitchen and a new dog harness from Premier Pet Products. Plus lots of technical patents related to cigarettes and fire-retardant clothing.

A lack of forward progress

A $6 million investment that a Richmond private equity fund made in a Florida bank has gone up in smoke.

Software developers hit the right chord

With every download, entrepreneurs Kevin and Diane Hamilton are closer to turning what started as a pet project into a full-blown business venture.

The Docket: Court Roundup for 10.26.10

We’ve beefed up the docket. Now it includes federal cases as well as our best catch yet of circuit court cases. This week a commercial landlord in Ashland is trying to collect unpaid rent, a member at a country club is trying to get information he alleges is being withheld, plus a suit against a drug store for filling the wrong prescription.

Embezzlement scheme is a kick in the pants

Sometime the very people hired to prevent malfeasance are the ones up to no good. That seems to be what happened to a local association of physicians, which was the victim of a two-year embezzlement scheme, according to a recent lawsuit.

Monday Q&A: Election edition, Part Deux

Eric Cantor has represented the 7th District for the better part of a decade. Unlike previous elections, Cantor faces challenges on both the left, from Democrat Rick Waugh, and on the right from Tea Party-backed Floyd Bayne. Cantor spoke with BizSense some of the big business issues facing the country.

Foreclosures; 10.25.10

A home on Cary Street is on the list this week, plus a handful of other expensive homes and apartment units on Staples Mill Rd.