Tide turns for Carytown building

A growing Richmond-based restaurant company is converting a former surf shop into a natural food joint.

Monday Q&A: Would you pay $200 to see the future?

A Richmond laboratory has developed a genetic test to tell you which sports you’re predisposed to excel in and which activities you might want to avoid. BizSense chats this week with the CEO of AIBioTech about the future of the company’s genetic test.

Apple REIT investors don’t bite

A California investment fund didn’t have much luck persuading shareholders of a local REIT to give up their shares at a fire sale prices.

Cleaning up someone else’s mess

A Glen Allen payroll firm is expanding its reach in Maryland to help almost two dozen small businesses that were recently left in the lurch.

Unloading a bank’s baggage

A Glen Allen insurance company just picked up an insurance subsidiary from a Hampton Roads bank.

The Docket: Court Roundup for 8.4.11

Tons of business lawsuits this week: A bank is trying to collect millions from a Richmond-based restaurant ownership group, plus lots of construction-related suits. And an aggrieved customer claims she was locked in the dressing room of a Leggs Hanes outlet for hours. She wants $750,000 in damages. Plus two lawyers are being sued.