Defying gravity

After brewing beer at home for more than two decades, Tony Ammendolia decided to begin supplying like-minded hobbyists.

Christmas comes early for credit unions

Masked revolutionaries didn’t show up last weekend at local credit unions, but plenty of money-toting customers did.

Village Bank to enter regulatory agreement

Hampered by high levels of souring loans, the $600 million Midlothian-based bank said this week that it expects to enter into a consent order with the FDIC. And the bank is looking to sell its 80,000-square-foot headquarters building and close one of its branches in January.

The Docket: Court Roundup for 11.17.11

A startup is suing its venture capital backers (including a local VC firm) for misusing its intellectual property. Plus a very unusual restaurant suit involving an alleged racist cook.

Behold, the nanobrewery

Trae Cairns wants to break into the local craft beer scene, and he’s starting small. Very small.

Hirschler Fleischer swings back at fraud suit

A Richmond law firm that has been dragged into a bankruptcy suit tied to a Ponzi scheme says the plaintiff is just trying to collect money from everyone and their mother.