Time for Europe

The struggling tourism industry might be rough on airlines and hoteliers, but it means phenomenal bargains for travelphiles. In a seasonal feature RBS has been running regularly, Martha Steger shares some of her favorite European destinations.

Monday Q&A: Who leaves Disneyland?

Ed Grier was the president of Disneyland resort in California. Now he’s settling in as the new dean of Virginia Commonwealth University’s business school.

A woman’s place in the start-up

Female entrepreneurs have a new networking and education option in Richmond. The Venture Forum, which promotes entrepreneurial activity, has spawned a group that will hold its first meeting today at the University of Richmond. Deborah Dowd, a lawyer at LeClair Ryan, organized the event to help women who want to start businesses learn exactly what… Read more »

CEO pay takes a hit

Pay is down for the head honchos at three big companies in town, but it’s still good to be the boss. The executives running three of Richmond’s top public companies – Dominion Resources Inc., The Brink’s Co., and Media General Inc. – each saw their overall compensation drop in 2009 as a result of the bruising recession, according to proxy statements filed by the companies this week with the SEC.

“Back to basics” say bankers

Local bankers know they’re not the most popular guys around town these days. But the banking model doesn’t work so well when real estate prices are fluctuating so wildly and major industries are falling by the wayside. There were two banking panels this week both centered around the topic of why banks seem tighter lending than this time two years ago. Both had a similar refrain.

There’s an app for that

Local business wunderkind Joel Erb seems to be making a bit of a comeback. That may seem an odd word to use for a 26 year-old entrepreneur, but Erb started his first company at age 15. Now he is developing an iPhone “App” that lets concert goers order merchandise while at a concert – no need to visit the long lines or interact with moody merch-vender.

Glued to the cell phone

A local commercial real estate veteran spent the last three and a half years designing and building a stretchy cell phone accessory he hopes will become the Bluetooth or holster for a new generation of users. This is his first invention.