The Pipeline: Commercial Real Estate Round Up for 5.7.10

SNL Financial leased 6,235 square feet in East Shore III at 140 East Shore Drive in Henrico.Franklin Goose, LLC leased 2,500 square feet at 3401-3403 W. Cary Street in Richmond. Cantor, Stoneburner, Ford Grana, and Buckner leased 7,319 square feet at 7130 Glen Forest Dr. in Henrico.

Guest Opinion: How bankers see things

“Banks today are subject to more that 1,700 pages of consumer regulation. Most customers are familiar or come in contact with many of these laws that over time have increased the amount of paperwork they must complete to open an account or obtain a loan. To be sure, it is important to have a system of oversight to govern the actions of financial institutions, but we need to think carefully about how much we burden banks,” writes Union First Market Bank CEO Billy Beale in this week’s Guest Opinion.

Do some leases come with a curse clause?

You know where they are. You’ve probably even predicted that the next tenant will not last more than eight months. A year, max. Because despite the entrepreneur’s bravery, he has leased a Cursed Location. Check out 13 cursed locations we’ve identified in the slideshow.

Richmond get some hot exposure

The signature dish from Caliente in the Museum District just got exposed to the country last night on a segment on ABC Nightline and it’s entertaining. Caliente’s wings are so hot, you have got to be stupid to eat them — that is why they’re called “Stupid Wings.” The restaurant even makes you sign a waiver to eat them.

Planting seeds for a company’s growth

The fertilizer application business is the biggest growth area for Herod Seeds because municipalities don’t want to let the quality of their turf suffer even though they have severe budget shortfalls.

Foreclosures 5.4.10

For the first time since we’ve been running the list, several properties in the heart of the Fan are on it, and an unusually large number of homes in Glen Allen. Plus two apartment buildings are on the list again.