A quarter-century of cutting-edge ideas

A group known for picking companies to watch is taking a look back. And it’s looking for nominations for entrepreneurs to be recognized at a big gala at the end of this month.

The R&D Dept.: Local patents

Some technical stuff this week, including a genetic marker from a VCU lab and some materials processes. And a drinking game innovation for “Beer Pong.”

The waiting game

A Midlothian-based bank will have to wait a few more months to close on much-needed new capital, and the share price of that deal is dropping.

The bankruptcy bug

The recent bankruptcy filing of one of region’s biggest individual developers has led to another bankruptcy filing this week by someone who was involved in a project with him.

Foreclosures 10.4.10

A West End home belonging to an embattled developer is in foreclosure. Plus a handful of $400,000 homes this week.

Sheltering Arms expands its reach

Sheltering Arms announced yesterday its acquisition of a local sports injury therapist to add to its rapidly expanding bottom line.