Business Licenses 12.23.11

It was the week of the taxi with a handful of licenses for new taxi services. Plus, interesting new business names such as Savin Face and Intergalactic Bead Show.

Southern Title’s future uncertain

The local title company entangled in an embezzlement investigation is now under the control of the State Corporation Commission.

Trading Day: Inside the SEC filings for 12.22.2011

An executive at one of Richmond’s biggest companies is retiring, and her successor will get a bump in pay. Plus two local executives are awarded huge stock options, and CarMax is back on the road looking for new locations.

The Docket: Court Roundup for 12.22.11

The owner of a shopping center at Short Pump wants $200,000 for improving the common areas of a center it purchased. And a furniture maker is suing Roomstore for $90,000, only Roomstore is now in Chapt. 11 Bankruptcy protection. Plus other collections efforts, and the MCV hospital is trying to recoup a $1 million it says it wasn’t paid for treating a employee who worked at Canon.

The R&D Dept.: Local Patents for 12.21.11

A patent for an electric can opener this week. Plus, some highly technical patents from local inventors working for IBM, Sony, Honeywell and others.

Rug business cleans up

A local developer and a Northern Virginia rug cleaning company purchases the business interests and commercial real estate of a prominent bankrupt Richmond couple at auction. And already one developer is planning to put in apartments in Oregon Hill.