Breaking Ground: Building permits for 10.3.12

Tons of permits this week including work at Richmond International Airport and a multi-million dollar church project. And find out where all the area’s biggest homebuilders are building next. All the intel is part of BizSense Pro.

Trepidation turns to tax credits

A Richmond developer who was wary of the Petersburg market is taking the plunge with a 66-apartment historic building conversion.

A $2.3 million vote of confidence

The head of a local real estate firm is getting more and more bullish and says, “It’s starting to feel a little like it did in the early 2000s.”

UR caught in a web of controversy over lacrosse decision

Dozens of roster spots, multimillion-dollar donations and hundreds of upset fans: The numbers behind the University of Richmond’s decision to restructure its athletics offerings become more clear at a campus forum last night.

Monday Q&A: Hop in the sidecar

New Dominion Angels co-manager Mike McGinley talks about his group’s partnership with another venture capital club, a new investing opportunity for non-members and how the group’s returns have been.

A new stat to track

C&F Bank is offering a certificate of a deposit with a rate of return that goes up each time the William and Mary football team wins.

Foreclosures: 10.1.12

Mostly lower-priced homes in Richmond this week, with a few $400,000 ones from around the region.