Will Martin’s signal sour end for wine shops?

The Ukrop’s next to Matthew Lake’s wine store will soon become a Martin’s Grocery store and do what would have seemed inconceivable a year ago: sell beer and wine. And that presents a formerly unfathomable challenge for the wine stores that for decades operated symbiotically with Ukrop’s in the same shopping centers.

Monday Q&A: Grocery industry insider

Soon the signs will change on 24 Ukrop’s stores around Richmond as they morph into Martin’s Grocery stores. This week RBS chats with Jeff Metzger, a longtime follower of the grocery industry and the fellow who broke the story open with his reporting in July 2009.

S&K alumni start their own booster club

S&K Menswear is just a memory, but the bonds are still tight. Four former executives still work together, but not in the same way. They each own their own businesses and hire each other.

Drafting a development solution

A Richmond councilman wants to dedicate a portion of proceeds from the sale of city-owned property to economic development.

Specialty insurer is open for business

A startup insurance firm in Richmond activated its first policies this week and hopes to be profitable by the end of the year. And the company is free from a “nuisance” lawsuit filed by a competitor it settled when the plaintiff paid Kinsale $377,000.

Members might bail out Federal Club

A group of members at an upscale golf club in Hanover County has started studying how to buy the club if the current owners/operators can’t rescue the business from bankruptcy protection.