Guest Opinion: Use the oil spill to examine the issues

What if there is no real consensus that CO2 causes warming, or what if the consensus is based on bad data, unsound science, or both? Who will make the case for sanity and the scientific method?

The Pipeline: Commercial Real Estate Round Up for 6.25.10

Kroger sold aretail building in Chester to the C.F. Sauer Company for $2.39 million. The 55,552-square-foot building was operated by Kroger until 2007 when it relocated the store to a different shopping center. Plus, Sunrise Construction has leased 20,000 sq.ft. at 3031 Transport Street in Richmond and Riddick Advertising has leased 2,300 sq.ft. in the Banks Brothers Building located at 4461 Cox Road in Henrico.

Way beyond ‘paper or plastic?’

More than 150 future Kroger employees are at the grocer’s training center on Staples Mill. In July, they will work at the new 86,000-square-foot store at the Corner at Short Pump, which is part of the company’s plan to expand in Richmond.

Inside the SEC filings of publicly traded companies

CarMax stock jumps 9 percent on solid quarterly earnings, and executives at other publicly traded companies across town exercise stock options. And one bank director sold stock for $0.01 a share. Plus Genworth sells bonds at 8 percent.

Local bank looks to raise $15M

Central Virginia Bankshares said Friday that it wants to raise up to $15 million to replenish its depleted capital reserves. But the bank will likely not be making many new loans until it is in better financial shape, the company said in an SEC filing.

Put your money where your mouth is

An Innsbrook diner is still serving milkshakes, cheeseburgers, pancakes and other classic American dishes, but the ingredients have changed. And the chain’s owners hope that patrons will pay a bit more for the dishes knowing that many of the ingredients came from Virginia.

The dummy might soon be homeless

An office on the scenic 19th floor of a downtown office building is available for leasing after a Virginia-based investment firm shut down last month. But the dummy sitting in the entrance way is still there, at least for now.