Bad reruns

A landlord that had a run-in last year with a local TV station will see more of its properties go to foreclosure next week.

The Docket: Local court roundup for 9.13.12

A major bank continues its streak of lawsuits against small mortgage companies. A contractor is suing for worked performed on a housing development. And a local , restaurant, amusement park and fitness center are sued in alleged personal injury cases. BizSense Pro gives you full access to the Docket and all its intel.

Trading Day: Inside local SEC filings for 9.13.12

A local company wants to delist its shares from public trading. A bank CEO buys more shares and $1 billion bond sale from one of Richmond’s biggest companies.

Preheat to 178 units

The rehabilitation of the former Interbake cookie factory at the corner of Boulevard and Broad Streets is ready to go in the oven.

Name 2: Tier One

CBIA Advisors, founded by local banking veterans Larry Fentriss and Tim Anonick, has rebranded itself.