A new slant on gassing up

A Connecticut company wants to build a fueling station for hydrogen-powered vehicles somewhere in Richmond within the next two years.

Less rent means lower appraisals

The value of existing commercial real estate in Chesterfield County dropped an average of 6.4 percent or $418 million last year, according to the county assessor’s office.

Foreclosures for 2.2.10

This week the foreclosed properties have been arranged by county.

When will condos rebound?

FHA rules, oversupply and looming shadow inventory are among the obstacles facing Richmond condo developers

Monday Q&A: From the farm back to finance

Todd Newton spent the past 18 months growing soybeans in Alabama. Now the North Carolina native is back in a suit and tie in the corner office of Anderson Strudwick. His job is to help turn around one of the last remaining independent financial services firm in Richmond. This week BizSense chats with Newton about his new role and his goal of growing the firm.

A new page in the book biz

Bookholders, at 720 W. Grace St. in the heart of VCU, buys textbooks from students at one of five locations and then uses the Web to find buyers for their customers’ books. The store might also start paying students for their notes and then selling them to other students – as long as the notes are legible.

Guest Opinion: Mistakes are the best teacher

There has been a warehouse full of books written about what makes businesses successful, and you can find a lunch meeting every week with a speaker from the latest fast-growing company. But listen to them carefully. Usually, their story will be filled with examples of how they avoided pitfalls or built something better based on a mistake or failure, writes Stan Maupin in this week’s Guest Opinion.

Party-goers get onboard free bus

Jim Porter is the designated driver of 2,000 Richmonders each weekend. His retired school buses shuttle party-goers from downtown to Carytown and back. And with the backing of some local restaurants, he wants to add a few more buses.