Cliches, part deux

Despite our best efforts to identify and exterminate the worst offenders, cliches and jargon just keep coming back. And with greater immunity to our only antidote: public shame. We have a few more we’d like to submit for retirement.

The Thalhimers tale

You know the name. Chances are, you shopped at the store. Now you can read the book.

The R&D Dept.: Local Patents for 9.29.10

RBS has started a new data section of patents issued to local inventors. Many of them are technical. For example this week, a handful of inventors were issued a patent for a cabinet storage bin that has a lifting mechanism. Also, Philip Morris has a new patent for an aromatic pocket tear tape for a cigarette pack.

Will banks take a second bite from government’s carrot?

The success of the so-called Small Business Lending Fund hinges on two main factors: whether there is enough demand for small business loans from qualified borrowers to warrant banks’ participation and whether community banks still have a bad taste in their mouths from the last time they took money from the government.

The arts effect

New shops are popping up left and right in Richmond’s burgeoning arts district, including record, book and toy stores.