Temporary shelters, permanent jobs

A trio of Richmond real estate veterans think they can help Haiti solve some of its housing needs. And they hope to add manufacturing and shipping jobs in Richmond in the process.

Two local banks get lowest rating

Two local banks were among the lowest-rated financial institutions in the state, according to bank and credit union ratings released last week. But both banks are trying hard to fix the situation ASAP.

‘The domains were available’

A local general contractor has taken an unusual step to make sure his firm’s website comes up at the top of search results on the web. But while the move might be a savvy strategy, it has riled other contractors who think it violates the spirit of fair competition.

Bank CEO steps down, cuts coming

A Glen Allen-based bank said late Thursday its CEO stepped down effective immediately and that it is cutting 10 percent of its workforce.

Monday Q&A: Life after Circuit City

While working as vice president of TV merchandising at Circuit City, Tom Crowell saw the writing on the wall. Last week he talked with BizSense about life after Circuit City and running a small business.

The Docket: Circuit Court Roundup for 9.13.10

A meaty Docket this week. A builder is trying to collect from a restaurant and a customer is suing Kings Dominion for a supposed injury on a roller coaster. And some neighbors are fed up with a load swimming pool next door. Plus some action with law firms themselves this week: One firm is trying to collect a $30,000 build and more unusual, a client is suing his former law firm.

Recording studios play musical chairs

The music has stopped for now, but in several weeks a Richmond recording studio will finish moving to its new space just a few blocks down the street. And a similar business is going to come in to its previous space.