First Capital decides to stop renting

First Capital Bank has become the proud owner of its Innsbrook corporate headquarters after leasing space there for five years.

The Herd: New hires and promotions for 5.19.10

The company that purchased Qimonda’s sprawling plant in Eastern Henrico has hired a chief technology officer to come to Richmond. Plus new hires in IT, accounting and HR, and a board appointment for a local venture capitalist.

Foreclosures 5.18.10

This week’s listing includes a home in Glen Allen with an original loan value of more than $800,000, nearly twice as much as the next highest. Plus a property on Rothesay Circle near the river.

A darker shade of green

The Sustainability Park in Chester plans to go even greener. Brenda Robinson, owner of the eco-conscious industrial park, has joined with Algal Farms owner Jes Sprouse to bring an unused water treatment plant on the site back into operation.

Monday Q&A: Recession is a treat for pet supply shop

A Richmond-based pet supply company has the sort of story that would make most other entrepreneurs green with envy. This week, RBS chats with the founder of Bully Sticks to catch up on his growth plans and how the recession has helped his business.

Does a burrito = a hamburger = a sandwich?

A cold cut war between a local sandwich shop and its non-responsive landlord has been settled after more than two years of battle. During the height of the conflict, the landlord would not call back or respond to more than 10 letters. So the tenant stopped paying rent for about a year.