Anthology’s success is no mystery

A new anthology of short stories set in Richmond and written mostly by local authors is flying off the bookshelves.

Fed report: It’s not easy being small

Small and medium-size banks continued to bear the brunt of the sluggish economy in the first quarter of 2010 compared with large banks.

County tries to hedge its SportsQuest bet

Officials at Chesterfield County wants to boost sports tourism and wants its residents to have use of new synthetic turf fields. At the same time, it wants to limit its risk should a mega sports complex currently under construction flop.

SportsQuest grant request goes to supervisors

The Chesterfield Economic Development Authority is requesting that the Board of Supervisors approve a $2 million grant and a $2.3 million, 20-year lease with SportsQuest, a mega sports project planned for the intersection of Route 288 and Powhite Parkway.

Banking’s new world order

Despite some advantages, Richmond-based Xenith Bank isn’t tying itself to any outdated promises of profitability.

Foreclosures 5.25.10

Two huge homes are on the list this week with home loans greater than $500,000.

Monday Q&A: ‘We’re overwhelmed with prospects’

Community Bank Investors of America, better known as CBIA, is a private equity fund founded in 2007 by two locals to identify struggling, undervalued community banks, take an equity position in them and, in some cases, take over leadership of the bank. This week RBS chats with one of the founders about the challenges of that sort of work these days.