A business is born where dogs meet hogs

One customer of a Richmond-based manufacturer and retailer found the product after getting pulled by a state trooper while riding with her dog on the Jersey Turnpike. She got a ticket for having a passenger without a helmet.

Bank’s heritage consolidated into the history books

A local bank brand known for its African American heritage is getting a name change. And it’s a clever move by the bank’s out-of-state owners to help clean up a regulatory impediment.

That’s worth a champagne toast

A local restaurant bought its independence yesterday and avoided becoming a victim of Justin French’s legal and financial problems. After shedding a few tears of joy, the owners poured champagne for themselves.

Investor finds coal in his stocking, not in his portfolio

It didn’t take a local ophthalmologist long to start second-guessing his $800,000 investment in a fledgling Appalachian coal mining operation. And now he has filed a lawsuit to try and recover his money.