Note to self: Jott down this down

Dictation just got – well – cooler than the word dictation. Jott, a free text to voice service is basically a voice-controlled notepad. Talk into your cell phone and it sends the transcript to your email. Say I’m running late for a summer league soccer game, but I need to tell all my teammates that… Read more »

Possible new owner for Richmond baseball team?

A savvy entrepreneur might make a bundle by bringing another minor league team to Richmond and running the entertainment business. Profit margins can approach 20%. And according to a great profile in the latest Portfolio Magazine, owning a minor league team is the hot thing for celebs. Might that apply locally??

$10 gas card for playing golf

Gas-related promotions are spreading like errant balls on a driving range. On August 4, golf course owner Tradition Golf Prosperities started running a promotion at Stonehouse in New Kent. Play golf, get a $10 gas card to Wawa. So far about 250 golfers have used the coupons, which expire today. The promotion might be extended,… Read more »

Is the Chamber worth joining

John Scott used to be a tireless networker. A vice president at Closed End Fund Advisors , Scott was at one time a member of the Greater Richmond Chamber of Commerce, an assistant director of his Business Networking International (BNI) group, the director of his university’s alumni group and a member of the Rotary Club…. Read more »

Smart Car starting to appear in Richmond

In what can only be described as “The Biggest Waiting List Ever,” customers are lining up to reserve their Smart Cars, the pint-sized, planet friendly vehicle produced by automotive giant Daimler AG. (Mercedes) The cute, if shockingly tiny, cars are starting to appear in Richmond. And if you want in, take a number; you might… Read more »

Scooting up the sales

Scoot Richmond, a scooter/moped dealer on Richmond’s Southside, sold 64 scooters in June. That’s 28% higher than May, and off the charts compared to the previous year. There are also some rumors circulating that developers on the Southside are considering adding mopeds as an apartment amenity, and allowing any resident to borrow them. More on… Read more »

The Boss is Watching…and Listening

Your employer is watching you. And there’s nothing you can do about it. Corporate surveillance technology is getting stealthier, more advanced and more widespread. Sixty-six percent of employers monitor their worker’s computers on a daily basis.

Ode to a Mutual Fund Mentor

A veteran Richmond financial advisor writes a touching account of a mentor in his latest industry newsletter. George Scott III, with Closed-End Fund Advisors, writes that the investing guru John Marks Templeton was a wonderful mentor who both inspired and illuminated his career.

Facebook Follow up

Last month we probed the value of Facebook for businesses. The AppGap is a website dedicated to the future of work, covering all the new tools and tricks of the internet for a young, up-and-coming business-minded crowd. Through a webinar (web+seminar…get it?), a team of AppGap contributors discussed how companies are using and experimenting with… Read more » A startup to match interns and businesses

Richmond-based startup is a collection of resources, contacts and ideas for students, employers and educators. C. Mason Gates still talks like the bright-eyed kid that graduated from Radford University with a degree in marketing in 1989. Today, Gates is the president and founder of, a Richmond-based startup that matches college students with internships…. Read more »