Medical supplier increases its footprint

It’s gotta be the shoes. As a podiatrist in Bethesda, Md., Dodd Levy found that many of his diabetic patients had problems finding the proper shoe. Diabetics suffer from poor circulation, which can lead to a loss of sensation. In the wrong shoe, feet deteriorate with sores that sometimes lead to amputation.

TV crew coming to Richmond to film pilot

Richmond just got cast as a stand-in for Washington, D.C. A pilot for the CW network will start filming in Richmond next week with camera crews shooting around Capitol Square and the Fan. The pilot, which is being produced by CBS Paramount, started prepping a few weeks ago and plans to finish filming by the… Read more »

Help on the way for SBA loans

The Small Business Association might not be searching for a new slogan, but it would do well to consider “get ’em while they’re hot.” The SBA loan, an often-used source of financing for startups of all shapes and sizes, has over the past year become far harder to get. That has slowed business at a… Read more »

Office Sense: Flying corporate

Welcome to a new edition of “Office Sense,” BizSense’s intimate look inside the places Richmond companies call home. This month we wanted to take to the friendly skies. Sure, these aren’t the best times to brag about flying corporate, about skipping the indignities of the TSA line and the withering snack packs. But recession be… Read more »

So long,

Media General’s fling with the domain name is coming to an end. The company plans to phase out and re-brand with a similar format, according to information Media General provides to potential advertisers.  Media General owns the Times-Dispatch.

Q & A: Que Pasa Hispanic Biz?

Michel Zajur started the Virginia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in 2000 to serve the business needs of the growing immigrant population. It is still growing, but just like everyone else, the Hispanic-community is dealing with mounting job losses and a slow business environment. BizSense has heard from construction companies that some laborers are leaving the… Read more »

Guest Opinion: The Outlook Calendar Index is Improving

The views expressed in Guest Opinions represent only those of the author and are in no way endorsed by Richmond BizSense or any BizSense staff member. It might not be the kind of economic indicator that is quoted in the Wall Street Journal, but I think my appointment calendar for the past few months suggests… Read more »

VCU residences sell for $19.3 million

Two large residential buildings on Virginia Commonwealth University’s Monroe Park campus have sold for $19.3 million. RAMZ Hall and Capital Garage were acquired by Kayne Anderson Real Estate Partners,  a private equity investment group based in New York, from ING Real Estate.

Applications holding steady at private schools

Richmond private school officials will be holding their breath Tuesday, March 17, when acceptance letters go out to high school students. They are optimistic about enrollment for the 2009-10 school year despite the economic downturn. But directors at almost all of the local private schools are braced for more requests for financial aid.

Richmond consumers shopping less but still dining out

Shoppers in Richmond cut back spending at a surprising clip in the fourth quarter of 2008, according to recently released tax data. But restaurants, long thought to bear the brunt of new-found thriftiness, didn’t see an across-the-board hit to their revenue.