Glued to the cell phone

A local commercial real estate veteran spent the last three and a half years designing and building a stretchy cell phone accessory he hopes will become the Bluetooth or holster for a new generation of users. This is his first invention.

March Madness for stock analysis

The University of Richmond has a bad outbreak of March Madness. But a team of crack finance students are trying to go to the Big Dance for another tournament.

‘Tax credits! Get your tax credits!’

The Home Builders Association of Richmond last week launched a website that has news about the two federal tax credit programs as well as a listing of new homes for sale in the Richmond region.

Foreclosures 3.16.10

Eleven properties in this week’s list have defaulted loan values of more that $250,000, with Chesterfield seeing a particularly expensive property that had a value of $877,100.

Will Martin’s signal sour end for wine shops?

The Ukrop’s next to Matthew Lake’s wine store will soon become a Martin’s Grocery store and do what would have seemed inconceivable a year ago: sell beer and wine. And that presents a formerly unfathomable challenge for the wine stores that for decades operated symbiotically with Ukrop’s in the same shopping centers.

Monday Q&A: Grocery industry insider

Soon the signs will change on 24 Ukrop’s stores around Richmond as they morph into Martin’s Grocery stores. This week RBS chats with Jeff Metzger, a longtime follower of the grocery industry and the fellow who broke the story open with his reporting in July 2009.