Tattoos might still be taboo in Richmond offices

It used to be that you were considered different and rebellious (and maybe even dangerous) if you had a tattoo. You likely rode a Harley or in a drunken stupor let some friend with a needle leave an “I ? Mom” or an anchor on your bicep. Now, they’re as trendy as big hair in… Read more »

Reader Mail Bag: An irate downtown condo owner

When it rains, it pours. We got more emails on Wednesday than any other day in our brief history. A quick overview: On Wednesday ran a story that said around half of the balconies in the two downtown condo towers – Vistas on the James and Riverside on the James – have no patio furniture…. Read more »

Outsted Circuit City CEO departing Richmond?

Richmond has few recruiters who place CEOs of Schoonover’s pay level, and his skills would make him more of a national candidate. Forgetting for a moment that former Circuit City CEO Philip Schoonover might have sold his Goochland home (BizSense has not confirmed it yet), one local recruiter says local companies will be hard-pressed to… Read more »

Riverfront condos slow to catch on

The two riverfront condo towers are around 50% occupied, according to a BizSense count. Note: After we published this story, Jack Berry, Executive Director for Venture Richmond, got in touch with us to give us some hard numbers. There are no unsold units at Riverside, and 10 unsold units at Vistas. We would like to… Read more »

Printing money one newspaper insert at a time

You know those little inserts that you find affixed between the pages of the newspaper, peeking out from the edges?  Thank Taradel, a Richmond-based flyer printing and design company. The company, which provides self-service marketing to small and medium-sized businesses, was founded in 2003 by CEO Jim Fitzgerald. He funded the venture himself.

VW Raises Stakes with 62 MPG Car

Volkswagen is raising the stakes in the battle for the most fuel-efficient vehicle on the market. The German automaker recently revealed a concept of its next-gen Golf, which delivers a whopping 61.8 miles per gallon. Check it out here.

Text a question, get an answer from ChaCha

The Monday Tech Review: A new search service acts like your personal Googler for when you’re not at your computer. Users call or text in questions to ChaCha (1-800-2ChaCha or 242242), then sit back and wait. A ChaCha employee, called a Guide, receives the query and scours the internet for the best possible answer. About… Read more »

Richmond mutual fund weathering the storm

So far, investors are keeping their money with a Richmond-based mutual fund company. The two mutual funds managed by Richmond’s TFS Capital are still bringing in around $1 million in new money a day, according to the company. The performance of the TFS’ market neutral fund (which bets that stocks will both rise and fall)… Read more »