Home builders anxiously wait it out

Anyone who has anything to do with putting up a house – electricians, plumbers, flooring contractors, painters – have all reacted to slower demand by cutting capacity. A Q&A with Gray Stettinius, president of the Home Building Association of Richmond. Perhaps no industry in Richmond has slowed down as much as homebuilding. Without more sales,… Read more »

More Bikes, Safer Roads

Richmond bikers often complain that drivers have no regard for their safety. But according to a study released by researchers in Wales, the number of collisions decreases as the number of bicycles increases. Motorists are more likely to drive safely and respectfully when there are more bikes on the road.

Wall Street to Broad Street

When Wall Street institutions falter, Richmond feels the tremors. But the details of how all this will play out locally are anyone’s guess. Pat Fishe, a professor of finance at the University of Richmond’s Robins School of Business, said that the day’s events have several local ramifications. National banking activity could slow, and with our… Read more »

New Bike Shop Opening in Church Hill

Starting in November, residents of Church Hill will have a bike shop in their backyard. Cyclus Bike Shop will open at 2709 East Marshall Street, according to the shop’s Myspace page. The shop will carry new and used bikes and will sell parts and accessories in addition to repair services. According to the Church Hill… Read more »

Three lumber execs leave one company and buy another

Two executives and the head of sales left Roper Brothers Lumber Company and are in the process of buying ABC Building Supply and American Applicators in Chester. John Farrar, the president at Roper, Barry Brockwell, the CFO, and John Hinkle, a long-time sales manager, are all now working at ABC. Sources familiar with the companies… Read more »

Start walking more, everything is close in Richmond

Richmond is the fourth most walkable city in the nation – if you believe, which ranks cities and neighborhoods based on proximity to stores, restaurants and other establishments. Walk Score gives Richmond a walkability score of 78. By comparison, the top three cities ranked by Walk Score are San Francisco, New York and Boston,… Read more »

$40 million ballpark — Boulevard or elsewhere

A Pennsylvania developer of minor-league ballparks has released renderings of a possible $40 million, 8,500-seat stadium for the Boulevard, but he’s open to building downtown, too. Peter Kirk, a long-time team operator from the independent Atlantic League and a partner with Opening Day Partners, is working with former Richmond mayor Robert Bobb to develop the… Read more »

Governor Kaine’s wandering eyebrow now on T-shirts

The Democratic Party of Virginia took a joke about an over-expressive politician with a rebellious left eyebrow and turned it into a money-making opportunity. T-shirts featuring Virginia Governor Tim Kaine’s “Smilin’ Eyebrow” logo are for sale at $30 a pop on the party’s website. As are buttons, bumper stickers and posters that show the logo.