Ukrops fuels trucks with biodiesel

Ukrop’s is turning used chicken-fryer oil into biodiesel fuel that will be used to power the super market’s fleet of vehicles This weekend marked the first time that Ukrop’s trucks and trailers were filled up with locally mixed biodiesel fuel. Two local partners play central roles in the operation. Richmond-based RECO Biodiesel, Inc. collects recycled… Read more »

Trucks Number One for August

Earlier in the summer, potential car buyers were searching for smaller, more efficient vehicles in the wake of high gas prices and a struggling economy. But the gas prices are coming down, and auto buyers responded by making trucks the most sought after vehicle on the market last month.

70 cents is hard to find

The tolls on the downtown expressway, and the Powhite Parkway just rose from 50 cents to 70 cents. Why such an awkward number? It’s hard to find 70 cents for those of us who do not have Smart Passes. Is this a subtle attempt to force us to get them?

VCU Business School dean leaving in June

Michael Sesnowitz, dean of the VCU Business School and an instrumental figure in the money-raising and design of the new business school building, will be leaving the dean chair at the end of June. In an email sent out to the VCU faculty on Aug. 28, Sesnowitz said that he first accepted the VCU deanship… Read more »

Tech Review: Firefox tops Google Chrome

Chrome is a simple, straightforward browser that offers little more than the bare minimum in terms of web browsing. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Pages load quickly, and the home page is a great concept that should be used in every browser. It keeps track of the pages that you visit most frequently… Read more »

What to wear: how about Richmond casual

Workers in Richmond are trading formal suits in favor of slacks, polos, button downs and skirts, a sign that even a conservative town is getting more casual. BizSense compiled a survey to figure out exactly what people are wearing to work these days. A sampling of 20 businessmen and women (several of whom are business… Read more »

Pedaling higher profits amid gas squeeze

Rising gas prices are fueling bicycle sales in Richmond, especially for services and parts to tune those old clunkers gathering dust in the back of the garage. “It’s been really interesting with gas prices – we’ve gotten a couple of calls with people commuting more. They ask about routes and best practices,” said Champe Burnley,… Read more »

Former Anthem exec sues health insurer

A former medical director at Anthem has filed a lawsuit alleging the company forced him to leave in July of 2006 after he exposed a cozy relationship with a drug company. Dr. Randy Axelrod, 51, who was a vice president in charge of health care management for Anthem’s parent, WellPoint, claims that he was dismissed… Read more »

Tech Review: Virtual business cards fall flat

New services like rmbrME offer an electronic remedy to the problem of paper-based business cards. Only for many business people, business cards aren’t a problem that needs solving. Through text messages and web applications, rmbrME creates an electronic business card called a bzCard. Instead of carrying around a paper card, you email it to a… Read more »