Richmond get some hot exposure

The signature dish from Caliente in the Museum District just got exposed to the country last night on a segment on ABC Nightline and it’s entertaining. Caliente’s wings are so hot, you have got to be stupid to eat them — that is why they’re called “Stupid Wings.” The restaurant even makes you sign a waiver to eat them.

Planting seeds for a company’s growth

The fertilizer application business is the biggest growth area for Herod Seeds because municipalities don’t want to let the quality of their turf suffer even though they have severe budget shortfalls.

Foreclosures 5.4.10

For the first time since we’ve been running the list, several properties in the heart of the Fan are on it, and an unusually large number of homes in Glen Allen. Plus two apartment buildings are on the list again.

Willow Lawn goes back to the future

Willow Lawn, one of the area’s first malls, will be going back to the sort of in-line retail concept that was popular before enclosed malls became all the rage.

Monday Q&A: Branching away from just produce

Farmers markets are hot right now, but that has been a mixed blessing for the region’s oldest operation. This week, RBS talks with George Bolos, the manager of the 17th Street Farmer’s Market. He has found a niche by adding outdoor events and hopes to enhance the market by adding an indoor option.

Job summit offers differing perspectives

Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling delivered a summary of the state’s efforts to grow the economy and spur job creation. Bolling said that in the first 100 days of Gov. Bob McDonnell’s administration, the state has closed more than 50 economic development deals resulting in $300 million in capital investment and creating 3,100 jobs.