Ukrop’s fuel program pumped over 3.5 million gallons

Ukrop’s new fuelperks! program saved customers $2 million on gasoline since its launch on June 30, the Times-Dispatch reports Monday. Customers who use their Ukrop’s Valued Customer card at participating gas stations save 10 cents for every $50 they spend at the supermarket. So far the discount has been applied to 3.5 million gallons of… Read more »

Highest Paid Execs in Richmond

Thirteen out of the top 40 highest paid executives of publicly traded companies are based in Richmond, according to the most recent issue of Virginia Business magazine. The following figures are total annual compensation and only for companies with at least $1 billion in revenue: Louis Camilleri of Altria: $24 million Thomas Farrell, Dominion Resources:… Read more »

CarMax using gas card to encourage car reviews.

CarMax is giving away a $250 gas card every week for eight weeks to people who review cars at Spokesman Chris Wilmore said the reviews are a valuable resource to web users, and so CarMax is putting a little cash on the line to help get the website’s users interacting. BizSense reported earlier in… Read more »

CarMax laying off 600; 15 in Richmond

Goochland-based CarMax announced Wednesday it is laying of 600 service workers at dealerships and reconditioning shops all over the map. Fifteen workers in Richmond will be laid off, according to a company spokesperson. The company employs 1,150 workers at the Goochland headquarters and two local dealerships.

A list of Richmond companies to watch

An upcoming event that selects some of the most promising startups and new companies in Central Virginia has released a list of nominees. The Greater Richmond Companies to Watch event is October 29 at Toad’s Place.

Trader Joe’s Opens at Short Pump Station

A light rain didn’t put a damper on turnout for the highly-anticipated opening of the new Trader Joe’s store in the Short Pump Station shopping center. The colorful, Hawaiian-themed store opened Friday morning to a huge crowd. During our visit around 10:00 a.m. Friday, the checkout lines were backed up well into the aisles.

Tech Review: a personal newshound

Imagine an army of personal secretaries, assigned by you to monitor news feeds, blogs, and even shopping networks for specific keywords. That’s the idea behind Yotify. The website allows you to create “scouts” that comb through everything from YouTube to eBay, from popular news services like the Wall Street Journal, USA Today and Reuters to… Read more »