How do you say Shalom with a Richmond accent

Eight Israeli life science startups will establish their worldwide headquarters in Richmond. “This is clinical and scientific economic development,” said Donna Edmonds, the head of the nascent Virginia Biosciences Commercialization Center (VBCC), an off-shoot of the Virginia BioTechnology Research Park that helped lure the companies to town.

CEO Tube

Randy Copeland, CEO of the high-end computer manufacturer Velocity Micro, doesn’t take himself too seriously. When Velocity marketing associate Josh Covington sat Copeland in a green leather chair, handed him a pipe and yelled, “Action!”, Copeland played along, deadpanning into the camera, “Hello friend, I didn’t see you there.” “Yeah, that was my idea,” Covington… Read more »

A business workout

This is where Rocky would train if he was from Richmond instead of Philly. No fancy, Drago-style Nautilus machines. No ab-flex roller bought from a TV special. No bikes for spinning class, no bench press, no mirrors. CrossFit RVA just opened in a 1,200-square-foot warehouse off Seventh Avenue just east of downtown (near the jail)…. Read more »

Eat your own cooking says local hedge fund

Sometimes there’s a nugget of wisdom in even the corniest business cliché. Take “Eat your own cooking.” If a chef won’t touch the clam chowder, most likely the patron should lay off, too. (Insert gross restaurant tale here). But the idea behind the saying applies to most any small business. Using your service or product… Read more »

Snag an award

Ohh the irony: Snagajob and its posse of hip .coms have slaughtered the cash cow formerly known as newspaper help wanted ads. Yet, the company has relied on the mainstream media to promote the brand. The company needs jobs seekers to use the site, after all.

Health care is area’s largest private employer

Health care is now the largest private employer in the Richmond area, according to the Times-Dispatch’s Top 50 Employer story. VCU Health Systems ranked as the No. 1 private employer for the first time. Bon Secours and Richmond Health Systems were both in the top 10.“Today health care firms in the top 10 account for… Read more »

Qimonda to cut 10% of global workforce

Struggling computer chip maker Qimonda will layoff 10% of its global workforce, according to Reuters, which may include cuts at the company’s North American plant in Sandston. The company has not confirmed cuts, but 10% of the 2,300 local workers would amount to 230 layoffs.

Virginia college savings plans best in class

Virginia’s college savings plans ranked as some of the best in the nation by Morningstar, which examines diversification, fees, flexibility, and the underlying funds of the plans. According to the research firm’s recent report, the Virginia Education Savings Trust and Virginia College America funds have low costs and some of the best returns. “We also… Read more »


The movie-rental chain Blockbuster announced this week that it wants to buy Circuit City for more than $1 billion. What sort of movie would this be? A horror film? Maybe a romantic comedy? Blockbuster CEO James Keyes said Monday that combining the companies would create a 9,300-store chain that could sell portable entertainment (DVDs) and… Read more »

#1 Dad

Sean McGlynn wasn’t so sure he wanted to start working with his dad again. The 37-year old tried that once before, and it didn’t turn out so well. Of course, that was immediately after graduating from Radford University with a degree in business. At the time, working for his dad’s drug testing company seemed like… Read more »