New Richmond university set to open in fall

South University, a private institution with six campuses across the southeast United States, is opening a Short Pump location, hopefully by October.

Tech Review: Aviary (Photoshop for kindergarteners)

A free, web-based photo editor can handle some graphics work for small businesses without Photoshop. It’s refreshingly easy to use and probably a great fit for business owners who need a quick fix.

Hello: My name is …

First Market Bank and Union Bankshares Corp., which merged at the end of March, have this week started brainstorming different names for the combined company.

VCU retail struggles to take hold on Broad

The rapid growth of VCU attracted a number of new businesses hoping to cash in on the expanding student body. But apparently students are a fickle bunch: Several businesses around campus have shuttered their doors in recent months, including Cuppa Tea and Common Groundz.

Monday Q&A: Tact never loses value

Jacquelyn Small Thomas, owner of the Etiquette and Protocol School, says that recession be damned: Always reach for the bill when you invite someone, and if you drive a luxury car, don’t fret – it’s still okay to have nice things.

For Hire: Twitter and Facebook whiz

For the more than 60 PR and marketing firms in Richmond, it’s time to adapt, and quickly. A handful of local firms are betting that social networking is the lifeline, but that could be a risky strategy.

Guest Opinion: The real deal on Twitter

Important communications? Not necessarily. Quantifiable results? Not likely. But worthless for business? I’m not ready to go there yet.

Hello, will you be my friend?

Welcome to the second installment of Richmond 2.0, an RBS series that explores how Richmond businesses use social networking. Today, it’s the websites LinkedIn and Facebook, where businesses are increasingly friending one another and trying to find new contacts, customers and employees online.

Tougher runoff standards would slow growth

The state is seeking to reduce the amount of phosphorous runoff allowed by new developments, a measure that could limit the scope of new construction projects if it becomes law.

Web 2.0 has some Richmond businesses in a Twitter

For all the talk about Web 2.0 “revolutionizing” business, professionals say the rules of blogging and Twitter are almost identical to those that apply to old-fashioned, face-to-face networking. In the first of a three-part series on how Richmond businesses use social networking, RBS takes a look at Twitter to find out what sort of businesses are using it and to what end.