Monday Q&A: What’s in store for retail?

Retailers battled through last year’s tough shopping season. Now it’s all about survival. The pullback in consumer spending has made the past six months difficult for retailers across the county, and Richmond is no exception. Negative sales. Decreased foot traffic. Slimmer margins. What can a retailer do? Some have turned to the Retail Merchants Association… Read more »

Circuit City’s HQ tag sale

Let the rummaging begin. Blu-Ray players, promotional displays, Hawaiian shirts and wireless routers were among the hundreds of items on display in a downstairs conference room at Circuit City’s former headquarters on Broad Street. A liquidation employee said the brand-new goods were pulled from one closet.

Guest Opinion: Potential franchisee, know thyself

The views expressed in Guest Opinions represent only those of the author and are in no way endorsed by Richmond BizSense or any BizSense staff member. Let me start my first column on franchising with a declaration: 2008 is over. It was a brutal year. Some of you might have felt some of the pain… Read more »

Food distributor laying off almost 100

Locally-based food distributor Performance Food Group is downsizing its purchasing division. About 98 people will lose their jobs, according to paperwork filed with the Commonwealth of Virginia. Last Friday, the company announced that its independent purchasing organization, Progressive Group Alliance, would outsource its food service and group purchasing operations to Atlanta-based UniPro. The deal was… Read more »

Polluted Henrico parcel gets makeover

A site in Henrico County is slated for commercial development almost 30 years after being identified by the Environmental Protection Agency as a threat to public health. Virginia Beach-based Empire Development purchased 3.85 acres of the Rentokil Superfund site near the intersection of Parham Road and Ackley Avenue for about $400,000 last year from Virginia… Read more »

Second round of layoffs at PrecisionIR

White-collar jobs continue to disappear in Richmond. PrecisionIR, an investor relations technology company based in Chesterfield, let go about 40 workers yesterday, including 16 in Richmond.

Calling all good business loans

Change takes time. That’s one reason the Virginia Small Business Financing Authority cites when asked why its Loan Guaranty Program, which launched in October, has failed to guarantee a single loan.

Q&A: Who would start a bank in this economy?

There’s a new kid on the banking block. Xenith Bank, currently in organization, recently moved into their new office headquarters downtown. The bank will focus on small- and medium-size business. BizSense sat down with Chief Executive and President T. Gaylon Layfield to talk about the plans for the bank and the issues facing the banking… Read more »