Wanna Trade: bartering can help conserve cash

Most business owners have at least a few good yarns to tell about a trade gone screwy (possibly involving a goat, if you’re lucky). No hard statistics exist on the volume of bartered transactions because much of it is off the books. One accountant said it happens, “all the time.” Sometimes Scott Brown likes to… Read more »

Follow the Model

Igor Jekauc often wishes he didn’t have to fork over 19% of his annual revenue, but he says he wouldn’t have been able to open a tax preparation business without Liberty Tax Service’s business model and support system. A computer software that allows Jekauc to instantly issue tax return checks to customers was essential –… Read more »

Henrico Goes to Korea

Ten Henrico County officials will travel to South Korea in May to learn from the growing metropolis of Yangju, and to promote Henrico to Korean businesses As part of the trip, Fred Agostino, head of the Henrico County Economic Development Authority, might also visit Tokyo, Beijing, and Shanghai (Henrico has an economic development office there),… Read more »

Are you ready to start talking franchise?

It takes two to do the franchise tango. First there’s the franchisor. He’s typically the entrepreneur that built a company from scratch. He also generally likes taking risks, said Eric Perkins, a business attorney at Hirschler Fleischer. The franchisee, on the other hand, is usually a “straight-A student and likes to learn a system and… Read more »

Hire one for the Team

The break room at James River Exteriors’ Chesterfield office sometimes feels like a locker room. There’s lots of playful pushing and shoving and some good-natured name calling. On Monday mornings during the fall, employees recount the good and bad from the weekend’s flag football game over a cup of coffee. Sports are a big part… Read more »

Stop throwing away money

Richmond businesses can cut their trash bill by more than 13% percent, particularly offices and restaurants, if they start recycling. No concrete figures exist about how many businesses recycle, but interviews and a driving tour of suburban office parking lots and downtown alleys suggest it’s not exactly popular (despite endless headlines about “going green”) One… Read more »

E-Mail Regret

Have you ever noticed that immediately after you hit the send button on an e-mail, you start second guessing yourself? ‘Oh crap, did I remember to spell check that? I didn’t just hit forward to all, did I? Why did I use so many exclamation points?’

Craigslist … where everything is for sale

When it comes to taking a pulse of Richmond’s economic activity, leave the consumer confidence index or consumer price index to people who know how to index things. Instead, there’s an easy-to-use alternative in Richmond. Craigslist, the online bulletin board bemoaned by newspapers for stealing classified revenue, is equally loved by those seeking a roommate… Read more »