The R&D Dept.

The R&D Dept.: local patents for 1.5.11

In the R&D Dept. this week, a new surgical tool, a food product checking system for grading food and a new grip for devices like walkers. Plus a bunch of more technical ones from local manufacturers and a new credit card user option at Capital One.

The R&D Dept.: Local Patents for 11.24.10

A new patent for moving dough at AMF. A new shower cleaning sprayer device by S.C. Johnson & Son and a variation on a muscle relaxer created by an Ashland inventor.

The R&D Dept. New patents for 10.27.10

A new cooking device for the kitchen and a new dog harness from Premier Pet Products. Plus lots of technical patents related to cigarettes and fire-retardant clothing.

R&D Dept.: Patents for 10.13.10

Only two patents this week, both complicated. One seems to be related to Philip Morris’ electric cigarette.

The R&D Dept.: Local patents

Some technical stuff this week, including a genetic marker from a VCU lab and some materials processes. And a drinking game innovation for “Beer Pong.”

The R&D Dept.: Local Patents for 9.29.10

RBS has started a new data section of patents issued to local inventors. Many of them are technical. For example this week, a handful of inventors were issued a patent for a cabinet storage bin that has a lifting mechanism. Also, Philip Morris has a new patent for an aromatic pocket tear tape for a cigarette pack.