Residential Real Estate

Homebuilder picks up dropped Chesterfield contract

A local builder plans to round out a 600-acre Chesterfield community with custom houses, taking the project over from a Maryland firm that walked away after building one model home.

Another auctioneer joins the block

A large local real estate brokerage is teaming up with an Oklahoma auction firm to give its clients a new route to a sale.

Builder makes $35M move into Va. Beach

After circling the Hampton Roads area for a while, a large local home builder has landed in a 450-acre development in Virginia Beach and is starting work on its first project there.

Developer takes up stalled $30M project

Finally back in action after the recession, a residential development on one of the city’s largest remaining pieces of privately owned forestland is moving toward completion.

Contractor plans $6.7M Southside townhomes

A general contractor is moving into an ownership and development role with plans for a 4.6-acre low-income residential project on the south side of the city.

New homes replace offbeat 31st St. house

Developers have converted the site of a home in Church Hill that clashed with its neighbors into two town houses that are more in line with the neighborhood’s style.

Ten $1 million home deals close out 2014

2014 was a huge year for high-end residential deals, and the home sales didn’t tail off in December. Ten properties sold for at least $1 million last month, with the most expensive nearing $1.9 million.

Developer ramps up residential projects

A home builder is starting off the New Year with plans for new waves of construction at three separate developments in the West End.