Residential Real Estate

Bank foreclosing on builder’s lots

More than 30 properties across five counties could be auctioned in a few weeks if a local builder doesn’t repay a $4 million loan.

Former Circuit City exec’s home sells in a day

An 8,000-square-foot Goochland home sold for more than $1.8 million after being on the market for just one day. It was the tenth local residential sale of $1 million or more in June.

Developer adds 82 houses to Wyndham projects

With two housing developments already in the works, HHHunt plans to break ground on a third subdivision in the Wyndham community in Henrico County aimed at young families and professionals.

$1.2 million home auctioned for $800k

A local business owner topped the bids on a Chickahominy riverfront mansion during a court-ordered auction of the home.

Developer revives colorful O Street stretch

A local developer purchased an entire Church Hill block of run-down properties with plans to restore the string of nearly 150-year-old buildings. With encouragement from the neighbors, crews have started transforming the old spaces into single-family homes.

Developer snatches up big Powhatan parcel

A Richmond real estate developer bought more than 450 acres of rural land in Powhatan County for nearly $1.5 million. He plans to divide and sell the property in about 40 lots.

Million-dollar house reappears on the market

The home with the highest sales price in Richmond in May is for sale again, less than a month after its current owner bought it. The price on the Tempsford Hills house has increased to more than $1.1 million.

Mansion, vintage cars to go to highest bidder

A nearly 10,000-square-foot home on the Chickahominy River and at least 10 cars from its garage, including a 1968 Mustang, will be put up for auction over the coming weeks.

Byrd Park home dodges demolition

A local man worked out an agreement with a development team to save a 125-year-old house from demolition. The team altered its plans to keep the home intact and are now set to build several new luxury houses around it.