The Stew: Restaurant roundup for 3.28.12

The latest edition of the Stew serves up some new chefs and new restaurants in the Fan, Carytown and Ashland, plus a new brewery and a restaurant lawsuit.

Construction site creates legal debris

A restaurant and hookah bar near VCU claims the university destroyed its business when it started building a dorm next door and turned the neighborhood into a construction zone that blocked parking and scared off customers.

A second scoop of Gelati Celesti

After serving sweet treats in the West End for 28 years, the local ice cream shop is finally crossing the James River and adding a second location.

Cupcakes for breakfast

A local bakery is more than doubling its space in May, and it’s opening earlier.

The Stew: Restaurant roundup for 3.1.12

A meaty Stew this month, with new restaurants and nightclubs in Shockoe Slip and the Bottom. Plus second locations for a few longtime Richmond restaurants.

Food cart back up and running

Some updates on the burgeoning food cart scene, including two new carts and one closing.

A happier hour ahead?

If a Northern Virginia delegate gets his wish, bar patrons won’t have to have to know the secret password to get happy hour specials anymore.