New life at Richbrau – sort of

There isn’t a new tenant for the former Richbrau brewery/pub yet, but neighboring business has taken advantage of the prime Cary Street exposure.

Put your money where your mouth is

An Innsbrook diner is still serving milkshakes, cheeseburgers, pancakes and other classic American dishes, but the ingredients have changed. And the chain’s owners hope that patrons will pay a bit more for the dishes knowing that many of the ingredients came from Virginia.

Max & Erma’s follow up

Reynolds Development has filed a suit seeking more than $100,000 in back rent, other fees and expenses from Cornett Hospitality, according the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Landlord locks out restaurant owner

Employees of the Max & Erma’s restaurant at Reynolds Crossing arrived one morning to find a padlock on the door.

Credit union turns brew house into branch

“We have a very busy branch on Glenside Drive; we are trying to serve members in that area by relieving that business there. We have looked for a location for a long time,” said Glenn Birch, a spokesman for the credit union.

Waiting for wage increases

Despite the fact that Congress has raised the federal minimum wage for other workers several times in recent years, the base minimum wage for restaurant waitstaff (not including tips) has remained at $2.13 per hour since 1991. That makes it tough on local waitstaff, but it also presents a challenge for restaurant owners.