Richmond hotels still offering freebies

As hotels across the country downsize their staffs and cut back on freebies such as cookies at the front desk and 24-hour coffee, a handful of Richmond’s high-end hotels are dishing out the complimentary goodies.

Two restaurants close

It’s looking like two more Richmond restaurants have closed shop. One blog is reporting that Shockoe Bottom eatery Relish has closed after two years in operation. And the popular foodie blog in vino veritas has posted that that upscale Carytown restaurant Karsens is also closing. I went by last night and it wasn’t open, but… Read more »

“B-Dubs” To Open Short Pump Location

Short Pump is getting its own Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant and bar. Often called “BW3’s” or “B-Dubs, the popular chain, known for its wings and large variety of sauces, is moving into the old American Family Fitness location on Pouncey Tract Road in the SkateNation Plus building. The building will need considerable rennovations, including the… Read more »

Solve the riddle: Bank, Si, Pie

What’s with the one-word names for restaurants? Mo Roman, who owns the swanky downtown eatery Bank, as well as the fan tapas joint, Si, is working on a pizza place called Pie. He has leased space in the Berry Burke building at 525 E. Grace Street, which is across the street from the Center Stage… Read more »

Can’t stand the heat? Don’t open a restaurant.

Restaurant operators continue to open new eateries, but they’re facing a tougher road ahead in a fiercely competitive industry. The same number of restaurants have opened so far this year in the City of Richmond as at this time last year. But more are going out of business according to Joe Gusti, an owner of… Read more »

New restaurants closing

At least two new restaurants have closed. Infuzion, a dance club/lounge in Scott’s Addition and Cirrus, an upscale restaurant/bar in the Fan have both closed. At least two new restaurants have closed.

BlackFinn in Norfolk closes, one in Richmond doing fine

Blackfinn Restaurant and Saloon in Norfolk, which opened in October 2006, has abruptly closed. Merchants say it closed early Monday, a week after trucks rolled up and its furnishings were moved out. The one in Richmond will stay open, a general manager there said today. He said the local one is doing great business and… Read more »

The Steak and Ale restaurant closes

The Steak and Ale restaurant on West Broad Street near Glenside Drive, which closed on July 7, will not reopen. On Monday the company filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection. A note taped to the door tells customers to “Visit our Hampton location.” Managers at both chains were told late Monday evening not to open… Read more »

How about a little something for the effort?

Workers who rely on tips are starting to see the tip jar as half empty. In a BizSense survey, 70% of workers in a tip-dependent industries said that their compensation has gotten noticeably worse this summer compared to previous months. We surveyed 25 workers, including waiters, waitresses, hair dressers, shoe cleaners, bus boys, delivery boys… Read more »

Starbucks closing 5 VA stores…none in Richmond

Starbucks announced the locations of the first round of store closings, and none are in Richmond. Five are in Virginia. The Seattle-based company will close 600 stores nationwide. Last week BizSense reported that baristas at three different locations said their managers told them that the Richmond locations are not on the chopping block. Many said… Read more »