The Steak and Ale restaurant closes

The Steak and Ale restaurant on West Broad Street near Glenside Drive, which closed on July 7, will not reopen. On Monday the company filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection. A note taped to the door tells customers to “Visit our Hampton location.” Managers at both chains were told late Monday evening not to open… Read more »

How about a little something for the effort?

Workers who rely on tips are starting to see the tip jar as half empty. In a BizSense survey, 70% of workers in a tip-dependent industries said that their compensation has gotten noticeably worse this summer compared to previous months. We surveyed 25 workers, including waiters, waitresses, hair dressers, shoe cleaners, bus boys, delivery boys… Read more »

Starbucks closing 5 VA stores…none in Richmond

Starbucks announced the locations of the first round of store closings, and none are in Richmond. Five are in Virginia. The Seattle-based company will close 600 stores nationwide. Last week BizSense reported that baristas at three different locations said their managers told them that the Richmond locations are not on the chopping block. Many said… Read more »

Richmond Starbucks Safe…for now

Starbucks won’t close many of its Richmond locations, if any, according to several local employees who asked that their names not be used because they are not allowed to speak on behalf of the company. ast week, BizSense reported that Starbucks announced plans to close 600 stores and cut 12,000 jobs.

Which Richmond Starbucks might go?

Yesterday Starbucks said it is going to close 600 stores around the country. There are at least 10 in Richmond. Click here for a map. The company said it will close relatively new stores that have only been open since the beginning of fiscal 2006. Starbucks identified stores that were either not profitable or not… Read more »

Possible blues club in Jackson Ward

According to a Times-Dispatch story, a developer wants to turn the historic Hippodrome Theater in Jackson Ward into a blues club of sorts. Don’t plan on going to a live blues concert just yet. First, there are already two new venues within a mile – Toad’s Place and the National. Both are also historical restoration… Read more »