Monday Q&A: Open season for shucking

Ryan and Travis Croxton, owners of Rappahannock River Oysters, are opening Rappahannock at Third and Grace streets.
The 10-year-old oyster business has opened two other operations this year: An oyster bar in Washington’s Union Market and a tasting room at one of their three oyster farms in Topping, Va.

The king, with a side of guac

Austin-based Chuy’s, a Tex-Mex restaurant chain known for its eclectic decor and homages to Elvis, has signed a lease at West Broad Village.

How a laundry room becomes a kitchen

Some familiar faces from two popular Richmond restaurants are ripping the washers and dryers out of an old Church Hill laundromat and opening a farm-to-table joint where the menu is a living document.

Baja Bean’s Barbaro moment

“One moment I’m leading the pack, then the next I break my leg and they shoot me,” says the managing partner at the dive bar expected to have to relocate next year.

Pescados pivots toward land

The Oregon Hill restaurant is reinventing itself, but it’s keeping two popular menu items.

Academics and appetizers

The University of Richmond is going to try its hand at running a public restaurant downtown.

Monday Q&A: Draw on your heritage

A new Fan restaurant’s triple-threat management team will include a Richmond chef who brings plenty of experience and some family history to the table.