Sports & Recreation

Blue Chips: Local business helps coaches keep track of recruits

As owner of Game On Recruiting Systems, Julie Lewis helps college coaches at smaller schools stay organized. Most Americans retire when they are 65 – or at least hope to. Julie Lewis contemplated retirement at 30. Of course that was before Lewis put aside retirement plans in favor of a small business venture aimed at… Read more »

Work. v. Play

I’ve decided I live an altered version of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. (or in my case Ms.) Hyde. Last Wednesday I was at work being professional and doing the 9 to 5 thing. As soon as 5:00 rolled around, I turned off my computer and changed from my work clothes to my bike clothes. In… Read more »

Seventh Inning Questions

I’ve been thinking a lot about the business of minor league ball. A few questions: How much would a local business pay for the naming rights to a new stadium? What businesses might be likely candidates? Does paying for parking illicit some emotional reaction from consumers and turn them off, and would the Diamond get… Read more »

Bush League

Josh Leventhal, a blogger for, has a nice response to the weekend’s T-D coverage of the ongoing baseball saga. He writes, “Discounting the importance of a ballpark and fan experience is what got Richmond into this mess. Triple-A baseball is not coming back to Richmond, certainly not anytime soon. If Richmond focuses its attention… Read more »

A business workout

This is where Rocky would train if he was from Richmond instead of Philly. No fancy, Drago-style Nautilus machines. No ab-flex roller bought from a TV special. No bikes for spinning class, no bench press, no mirrors. CrossFit RVA just opened in a 1,200-square-foot warehouse off Seventh Avenue just east of downtown (near the jail)…. Read more »

Hire one for the Team

The break room at James River Exteriors’ Chesterfield office sometimes feels like a locker room. There’s lots of playful pushing and shoving and some good-natured name calling. On Monday mornings during the fall, employees recount the good and bad from the weekend’s flag football game over a cup of coffee. Sports are a big part… Read more »