Sports & Recreation

Recess is back

From afar, it looks like gym class. Only the guy rolling the rubber ball toward home plate has a 5 o’clock shadow and a beer gut. And the girl playing first base, wearing makeup and tight tube socks, just told her friend she’s f*$#ing awesome. Blame Sean Smalls.

Charlotte baseball team might fit in Richmond

Balpark Digest is reporting that the Tripple A Charlotte Nights are the most likely team to move to Richmond so far. According to the website, “Multiple sources in ownership ranks and the N.A. confirm the Charlotte Knights (Class AAA: International League) are first in line to claim the open Richmond market, with Ken Young and… Read more »

Golf Courses empty

Golf can’t be doing very well right now. I played at Brickshire in New Kent County on Sunday morning and hardly saw another golfer – which was great for me. We teed off at 11:00 and I saw one, maybe two other groups out on the course. The clubhouse grill was closed by 4:00 when… Read more »

More Bikes, Safer Roads

Richmond bikers often complain that drivers have no regard for their safety. But according to a study released by researchers in Wales, the number of collisions decreases as the number of bicycles increases. Motorists are more likely to drive safely and respectfully when there are more bikes on the road.

Eastern League Coming to Richmond?

Eastern League president Joseph McEacharn has left the door open for a new EL-affiliated Richmond baseball team. Major League Baseball places restrictions on what can be said about new teams, because certain hurdles need to be cleared before information is made public. But judging from McEacharn’s comments to the Times of Trenton in New Jersey,… Read more »

$40 million ballpark — Boulevard or elsewhere

A Pennsylvania developer of minor-league ballparks has released renderings of a possible $40 million, 8,500-seat stadium for the Boulevard, but he’s open to building downtown, too. Peter Kirk, a long-time team operator from the independent Atlantic League and a partner with Opening Day Partners, is working with former Richmond mayor Robert Bobb to develop the… Read more »