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Work zone ends ahead

The dust is beginning to settle at the University of Richmond as $14 million worth of construction winds down.

Foreclosures: 9.10.12

A busy week for foreclosures with some high-priced homes on the block including a $900,000 property in Henrico County and a $800,000 home in Chester.

Pescados pivots toward land

The Oregon Hill restaurant is reinventing itself, but it’s keeping two popular menu items.

StellarOne has plans for two and three

One of the biggest banks in the state is now open for business in Richmond, and it’s already looking to add branches.

City responds to lawsuits

Miller and Rhoads sign

The owners of the Miller & Rhoads rehabilitation project, who sued the City of Richmond over property assessments, are going to have to fight a few more rounds in the courtroom.

The Docket: Local court roundup for 9.6.12

One of Richmond’s biggest law firms sued a hotel developer in federal court for alleged unpaid legal fees. The trustee of the Circuit City estate is still going after more cash. The former owner of the State Fair is sued by a non-profit. And a contractor is being sued for fraud after its owner committed suicide. BizSense Pro gives you full access to all the intel.

Trading Day: Inside local SEC filings for 9.6.12

A Henrico company makes some huge real estate purchases. A Richmond firm closes on a $158 million deal in Europe. And local executives cash out on some big stock options.