Steve Burton

SportsQuest lease might close this week

SportsQuest has moved one step closer to getting public funding, and the deal might be consummated by week’s end, according Chesterfield County officials. Plus lawyers worked out a pecking order of who would get paid first if the project doesn’t stick.

SportsQuest grant request goes to supervisors

The Chesterfield Economic Development Authority is requesting that the Board of Supervisors approve a $2 million grant and a $2.3 million, 20-year lease with SportsQuest, a mega sports project planned for the intersection of Route 288 and Powhite Parkway.

Is sports facility a quixotic quest?

Each time Steve Burton talks about SportsQuest, his plan sounds more ambitious. But as Burton’s enthusiasm and concept have grown, so have the project’s price tag and the skepticism of the local business community.

SportsQuest running for stimulus bond

SportsQuest, the 250-acre mega sports facility planned for Chesterfield, is on track to receive $15 million in financing thanks to the federal stimulus bill, pending state and federal approval.