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City National Bank of West Virginia v. Pine Tree Hospitality, LLC; Harmanbhai B. Patel; and Shukuntalaben Patel

Plaintiff says defendant has defaulted on a note secured by the deed of trust on real estate sold at foreclosure, and that the proceeds were applied to the secured debt, leaving a balance due of $76,377.46.

Attorneys: Jeffrey A. Ward of Franklin, Denney, Ward & Strosnider

Filed: September 17, 2020. CL20002860

Dean T. Patrick d/b/a Patrick Construction v. Marcos Davadi; Karla Davadi; and Davadi Homes, Inc. of Virginia

Plaintiff says defendant failed to complete work in a workmanlike manner in a home plaintiff was constructing in Powhatan, and that a judgment was entered by Powhatan County Circuit Court on June 14, 2018 in favor of plaintiff against Davadi Builder, which defendant has failed to pay. Plaintiff seeks damages of $63,287.86.

Attorneys: John J. Trexler of Hairfield Morton

Filed: September 17, 2020. CL20002868

Eure Grading, Inc. v. Davidson and Jones Construction Company

Plaintiff says it performed site work in 2019 on a new Zaxby’s Restaurant in Chesterfield and defendant has failed to pay $35,953.16 of the total due.

Attorneys: Ryan F. Furguson and William B. Cave of William B. Cave & Associates

Filed: September 23, 2020. CL20002927