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Butterworth Lofts, LLC v. Burnette’s Too, LLC and Michael Burnette

Plaintiff says defendant is in breach of a lease or anticipatorily repudiated the lease at 245 E. Broadway, Hopewell, by way of a rescission letter after plaintiff began the build-out work, and seeks judgment of $57,314.66.

Attorneys: Franklin R. Cragle III and John P. O’Malley of Hirschler Fleischer

Filed: July 25, 2018. CL18002329

Sharon Heiner v. Biringer Builders, Inc.

Plaintiff says on June 11, 2017, as she sat on a porch swing at a model home in Midlothian, it tilted backwards, throwing her over the back several feet to the ground below, causing a broken vertebrae. Plaintiff seeks judgment of $750,000.

Attorneys: Jonathan E. Halperin and Andrew Lucchetti of Halperin Law Center

Filed: July 30, 2018. CL18002370

Strategic Funding Source, Inc. v. Pure Strength, LLC d/b/a Pure Strength; and Clifton Ray Dodge

Plaintiff says the Georgia company is in breach of a revenue based factoring agreement and seeks judgment in the principal amount of $92,789.

Attorneys: Nhon H. Nguyen and Charles D. Waters of The Nguyen Law Firm

Filed: August 1, 2018. CL18002408