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Alice Renobia Evans, as administrator of the estate of Edna Mitchell Booker v. Chesterfield Healthcare Group, Inc. d/b/a Tyler’s Retreat at Iron Bridge; Saber Healthcare Group, LLC; Saber Healthcare Holdings, LLC; and Lucinda Knarr

Plaintiff says defendants failed to take proper fall precautions despite decedent’s profound risk of falling due to cognitive deficit and incontinence, and on Nov. 20, 2017, decedent, 97, was found on the floor in her room, and following the fall, defendants failed to obtain the requisite imaging necessary to properly diagnose her injuries, which included a broken hip. Plaintiff says following her return to defendants’ facility after hospitalization and surgery, decedent had a sharp decline in function and quality of life, until her death Aug. 13, 2018. Plaintiff asks compensatory damages of $2 million.

Attorneys: Joseph Musso

Filed: October 30, 2019. CL19003446

Julie Pao v. Richmond Plastic Surgeons, Inc. and Dr. Matthew Stanwix

Plaintiff says Stanwix performed a “mommy makeover” procedure on/about Nov. 18, 2016, and she expressly denied defendants authorization to use her nude “before” and “after” photos. Despite her lack of consent, plaintiff says, in/around September 2017, her photographs were published on RPS and/or Dr. Stanwix’ website, for advertising purposes. Plaintiff claims $40,102.50 in compensatory damages, and punitive, $350,000.

Attorneys: Robert Powers, Zach Miller and Andrea Harris of McClanahan Powers

Filed: October 31, 2019. CL19003470

Kapitus Servicing, Inc. v. Modi Fashion Consultants Inc. d/b/a Modi Fashion Consultants; and Amer Berjaoui

Plaintiff says the New Jersey company is in breach of a future receivables factoring agreement and seeks judgment in the principal amount of $77,163.

Attorneys: Nhon H. Nguyen and Charles D. Waters of The Nguyen Law Firm

Filed: October 29, 2019. CL19003416