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Rountree Automotive Group, Inc. v. Mabry’s Garage and Towing, LLC; and Wilbur Mabry

Plaintiff says defendant has defaulted on a promissory note and seeks judgment in the principal sum of $19,500.

Attorneys: Richard L. Greenberg of Greenberg Law

Filed: January 7, 2021. CL21000040

Ruby Towns v. Radiology Associates of Richmond, Inc.; Howard Hightower, M.D.; Keith Cook, M.D.; and Melanie De Hart, M.D.

Plaintiff sways as a result of the failures of defendants to appropriately evaluate and interpret radiology studies from as early as 2008 and as late as 2018, her breast cancer went undiagnosed and was allowed to progress and metastasize, resulting in reduced likelihood survival and other injuries. Plaintiff seeks judgment of $3 million.

Attorneys: Jonathan M. Petty and Brielle M. Hunt of Phelan Petty

Filed: January 4, 2021. CL21000013


Chan Family Investments, LLC, successor in title to First States Investors 3089, LLC v. Anderson Financial Services, LLC d/b/a LoanMax and d/b/a MoneyMax

Plaintiff says defendant is in default of a commercial lease renewal commencing Jan. 11, 2018, and terminating Jan. 11, 2022, at 7605 W. Broad St. for $5,000 a month. Defendant abandoned the premises Sept. 15, 2020, plaintiff says, and it was discovered that defendant had not maintained the roof or exterior landscaping pursuant to the lease. Plaintiff asks judgment of $200,298.98.

Attorneys: Matthew J. Zwerdling of Zwerdling, Oppleman, Adams & Gayle

Filed: January 14, 2020. CL21000358