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Aubrey Dale Smith, individually and derivatively on behalf of Base Camp Holdings, L.L.C. v. W. Scott Camp and Base Camp Holdings, L.L.C.

Plaintiff says he holds a 49% membership interest in BCH and Camp holds a 51% membership, and both are parties to an operating agreement dated Oct. 22, 2001, to take title to approximately 300 acres of undeveloped realty, to be known as Summer Lake, and to sell/develop approximately 645 lots. Plaintiff says in 2006 they had a falling out, and he was disassociated as a member, but both parties entered into a settlement agreement in which BCH and BC Development would be used solely for the completion of the Summer Lake project, that future net profits would be calculated in accordance with the parties’ past operation of BC Realty, and that profits would be distributed at least on a quarterly basis. Plaintiff says defendant has consistently failed to fulfill his obligations and instead created entities in 2007 with the intent to usurp the Summer Lake project from BC Development and BC Realty, and to benefit himself at the expense of plaintiff and BCH. Plaintiff says he has not received any distributions despite the fact that the majority of the lots have been developed and sold, and bank records indicate defendant is using proceeds of BCH and BC Development to finance his separate business activities. Plaintiff alleges breach of fiduciary duties, conversion and unjust enrichment and seeks compensatory damages of not less than $20 million.

Attorneys: William D. Bayliss and Joseph E. Blackburn III of Williams, Mullen, Clark & Dobbins

Filed: June 28, 2019. CL19001997

Capital for Merchants, LLC v. 5 Fingers, Inc. and Karen Verdisco

Plaintiff says defendant, doing business as Brew Gastropub on Centralia Road, is in default of a future credit card receivables agreement and seeks judgment in the principal sum of $105,990.34.

Attorneys: Marion Dere Muller

Filed: June 25, 2019. CL19001952

Colonial Funding Network, Inc. as authorized sub-servicing agent for Strategic Funding Source, Inc. v. Asset Solution Recovery Limited Liability Company d/b/a Asset Solution Recovery; and Morgan Longstreet-Gregory

Plaintiff says the New Jersey company is in default of a future receivables factoring agreement and seeks judgment in the principal amount of $64,692.50.

Attorneys: Nhon H. Nguyen and Charles D. Waters of The Nguyen Law Firm

Filed: July 1, 2019. CL19002009