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Dennis Orange v. Easy Car Rental, LLC

Plaintiff says on/about May 20, 2020, he and Clarie Plaster rented a car from defendant, and upon hearing a rattling sound, were assured by defendant employee that the vehicle was safe to drive. Later in the day, plaintiff says, the drive shaft suddenly dropped, which caused the vehicle to stop suddenly and caused plaintiff to hit his head violently on the dashboard. Plaintiff asks damages of $300,000.

Attorneys: Gary R. Hershner

Filed: June 2, 2021. CL21001788

J & J Land Development, LLC v. Columbia Gas Transmission, LLC and TC Energy, LLC

Plaintiff asks the court to declare the rights of J & J to cross an easement for the benefit of defendants in order to develop a parcel of real estate into a residential subdivision known as Womack Road subdivision, as the development will allow plaintiff to fully use the premises without interfering with the ability of defendants to maintain or operate the gas line. Plaintiff says defendants have said, in a letter of March 16, 2021, that it would oppose the crossing if plaintiff did not pay costs of $377,000 to inspect and prepare gas lines. Plaintiff says it is being blocked from developing 11 lots to be sold to a third party, and asks that the court allow development of roads without any cost being assessed, or in the alternative, damages of $5 million.

Attorneys: William D. Bayliss and Joseph E. Blackburn III of Williams, Mullen, Clark & Dobbins

Filed: May 28, 2021. CL21001750

Salman Akbar v. Yes 2 Healthly Life, LLC and Lisa W. Monroe

Plaintiff says defendant leased property at 14822 Hull Street Road on/about May 24, 2019, for a term of 24 months, initially ending May 31, 2021, with a base rent beginning at $2,000 a month and escalating to $2,060 for the second 12 months, and renewing and increasing automatically for 12 months unless written notice of termination is provided at least 180 days prior to the end of the current term. Defendant has failed to pay the entire amount owed since March 2020, plaintiff says, vacated the property on/about June 3, 2021, and now owes $50,181.60.

Attorneys: Kevin R. Mueller of Winslow & McCurry

Filed: June 11, 2021. CL21001936