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Bobby T. Yancey v. St. Francis Medical Center of Bon Secours Health System Inc. and Stephen Reinhardt, M.D.

Plaintiff says while under the care of defendants Sept. 8-12, 2017, and again Sept. 29-Oct. 11, 2017, he had a developing series of abscesses which were increasing in size and which were infected and worsening, but defendants failed to diagnose the condition, failed to appreciate his declining condition and failed to institute necessary medical care, and as a result, he suffered serious injury, including the loss of the ability to walk and to care for himself. Plaintiff seeks judgment of $2.4 million.

Attorneys: William G. Shields of The Shields Law Firm

Filed: September 12, 2019. CL19002849

Katherine G. Stephenson v. Ale House of Midlothian, LLC and Jane Doe

Plaintiff claims damages of $500,000, and says on July 13, 2018, at Capital Ale House, 13831 Village Place Drive, an agent/employee of defendant dropped glasses from the second story of the restaurant onto her, seated on the ground floor, causing severe injuries.

Attorneys: Elliott M. Bucker and Joseph L. Cantor of Breit Cantor Grana Buckner

Filed: September 10, 2019. CL19002803


Devin Nevel Smorto and Devin Nevel Smorto, administrator of the estate of Madison McKay Smorto, her daughter v. OB Hospitalists, Inc.; HCA Health Services of Virginia, Inc. d/b/a Henrico Doctors’ Hospital – Forest; Robert Bell Thompson, M.D.; Catherine S. Copenhaver, M.D.; Commonwealth Perinatal Services, LLC d/b/a Commonwealth Perinatal Associates; HCA Physician Services, Inc.; Kari Anne Rudinsky, M.D.; and Virginia Gynecologic Oncology, LLC d/b/a Ob/Gyn Specialists of Richmond

Plaintiff says she was a high-risk patient pregnant with twins, at the gestational age of 24 weeks and 3 days, and was admitted to Henrico Doctors’ Hospital with symptoms of premature labor Sept. 1, 2017, and again on Sept. 3. Plaintiff says on Sept. 3 she gave birth to daughters Madison and Savannah, and Madison subsequently died on Sept. 13. Plaintiff says she was negligently discharged on Sept. 2 in the face of clinical evidence of rupture of membranes and contractions, and on Sept. 3, no action was taken to deliver the twins for 19 hours. Plaintiff alleges negligent acts and acts of omission/commission, and says her daughters suffered from a dangerous lack of amniotic fluid, with Madison’s death attributed to neonatal sepsis with acute renal failure. Plaintiff asks judgment of $10 million.

Attorneys: Bellamy Stoneburner of Breit Cantor Grana Buckner

Filed: August 30, 2019. CL19005136